Cheesy Network

Cheese is produced everywhere in the world, in every corner and more recently in China. In the Americas, in many places, cheese unpasteurized is taboo or just forbidden to sell. While in other places, such as Montreal, you can sell it and enjoy it. Bravo!

Neurological research has identified a biological mechanism mediating behavior motivated by events commonly associated with pleasure in humans. Those smelly cheeses we enjoy (or detest) are associated by appetitive motivation, which are usually associated with positive hedonic processes; i.e. food, wine and cheese.

Many of us are interested in sharing and connecting via channels of hedonistic pleasure, which is a normal human instinct. Think of the French and why is cheese so well-provisioned in Supermarkets. They may stock as many as 130 varieties of cheese and devote up to 30 meters of shelf-front to packaged cheeses and 30 additional meters to “a’ la coupe” or cheese cut to order.

Can cheese be considered a metaphor for France the way others have characterized, say, the Japanese for their sushi, or the Chinese and their Quanxi exhange networks.

Here is a cheese network:

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