Maple Potency

The leaves fall, it is fall, and being in Canada reminds us of the maple trees. Maple syrup is part of Canadian culture and almost every Canadian knows the aroma and taste. The burnt sugars and caramel flavors entice all ages.

There are chemical compounds that resemble aromas we associate with selected foods and are often more powerful than we realize. Those burnt aromas of sugar, a childhood memory of candy floss, we identify as maltol. These and many more are natural compounds extracted for use in commercial industry, and furanone, is one of them. It is one of the most potent flavoring compound aromas we know, and tastes like sweet maple caramel. It also naturally occurs in soy sauce, but it is an additive in foods containing smoked flavors. It is one of the most potent flavor chemicals yet to be discovered. In conjunction with fenugreek solid extract, furanone and cyclotene are integral parts of nearly all Maple flavors.

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