79 Mangoes


Life inside a greenhouse, life for some re-begins @ 79-years-old. The price of a high-grade mango goes up and up. In the case of Jinnai farms, they manage to grow mangoes fifty kilometers north of Sapporo, amongst all the snow and cold winter weather. Managing five greenhouses all growing tropical fruits, the farm harvests more than 9,000 mangoes annually. The interior temperature is a constant twenty-five degrees, even when the mercury outside drops to more than ten below zero in midwinter.

The taste of this mango is unlike any other mangoes anywhere else on this globe. Succulent and juicy with a passion fruit and pineapple sweetness that lingers on your palate for five minutes. Their surface must be perfect, the skin without any imperfections or surface bruises. They are individually packed in a styrofoam to keep them protected from bruising, and they are never sold before they are perfectly mature and ready to be consumed.


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