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The Bluefin Tuna are being well-preserved by local fisherman in Oma (long line and small boats) but in the rest of the world fisherman are easily destroying the ocean’s sea bed, corals, and marine life by trawling and using large nets for fishing.

It is Oma’s sea in North Japan straight, just a decade or two ago, each boat there could routinely catch three or four tuna a day. Now, they say Oma’s entire fleet of 40 boats is lucky to bring in a combined total of a half-dozen tuna in a day.

The problem, they say, is that all the fish are being taken by big trawlers that come from elsewhere in Japan, or farther out to sea from Taiwan or China. Some of these ships even use helicopters to spot schools of tuna, which they scoop up in vast nets or catch in masses with long lines of baited hooks.

To maximize prices, Oma has tried to distinguish themselves as the real deal. The established their own D.O.P and their trademark is used only with tuna brought ashore there. This has made Oma a brand that is gaining recognition even outside Japan. In March, a sushi chef from Hong Kong paid some $50,000 to buy half of a 125 kilo Oma Bluefin.

The downside is locals can’t afford to eat their own tuna anymore…..

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