Obama must change the gun laws in America!

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The recent shootings of preschool children is horrible! There is no reason for the American people to own any assault weapons. If handguns are a necessary part of the American culture too bad for the American public. In Japan people do not own handguns and in the United Kingdom it is not common and even foot police do not carry handguns.

The American government must take more responsibility and gun owners as well. Anyone who wishes to own a gun should “post security” but even this is not be enough to save innocent lives.

All guns owners should have a proper background checks and regular training including a mental evaluation by a doctor that can be held accountable. These precautions would only help but not prevent.

All weapons must be kept locked at all times. But the problem is; a gun in the hand of a responsible person is not a real risk, but when a gun gets into the hand a crazy person, the damage can be beyond substantial. Perhaps treat gun ownership as a household and the family must pass certification. More and more precautions would be helpful.

So what do you do?…..guns are a lucrative business and no guns means you save more lives. So do you forget the American people’s constitutional rights?….no President can do it….as there is too much at stake….life goes on in danger.

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