I am frequently asked about shrimp and sushi. The shrimp in sushi is more popular in regional places where shrimp are more readily available. This creature is not something I see too often in Tokyo, at least where I go. I know many see it, eat it, and enjoy it but it is just too common. The quality and quantity varies too greatly and you need to have it at the optimal time of the year, when it is purveyed wild from waters of Japan. The shrimps you find in Japan are often imported. The reason is scariness which are basically naturally caught and not farmed. IMG_0236

Modern shrimp culture has just started not long ago. One can trace it back to 1923 when Japanese scientists tried to culture Japan shrimp (Kuruma) using scientific methods. The most important waves of shrimp culture actually happened in the 1970s when both knowledge about shrimp breeding and culture have been more sophisticated, and shrimp diseases have been controlled more effectively.

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