Bronte Pistacchio D.O.P

Known as evergreen pistachios, why would someone think about a pistachio when they are in the hills in the north of Italy, in the fall season?

It isn’t my first time writing about pistachios and they are always on my mind. In the gym in Tokyo at the Hyatt they have a small container of pistachio. Perhaps I am reminded of the nut because of the Nocino I tasted last night.

The pistachio is key to any regime and I can’t help to think about how (too often) people get confused by diets and forget that certain foods need to be included in their regime. We need to have our basic foods at all times and this is a basic food for me.

After the Arabs in agriculture introduced to Sicily the cultivation of lemons, oranges, sugar cane, cotton, palm trees, papyrus, eggplant, melon … etc.., as well as the aptitude maximum use of water and cultivation techniques, they planted the first pistachio plants there.

They are particularly rich in iron, 100 gr. contains 7.3mg, the same as a pound of beef. The have calcium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, and essential for health. The oil extracted from the fruit is used in cosmetics and dermatology for its high qualities emollients and softeners and has interesting pharmacological properties that made it worthy of application in the pharmacopoeia.

The Green Pistachio of Bronte in Sicily characterizes and typifies Sicilian sweets and especially those of the Catania. In this regard, there are the famous ice cream Pistachio Green Bronte as well as pastries.

If you decide to buy some make sure they are the real deal and non salted.

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