Futuristic Foods

The future trends in cuisine will be eye opening and fruit filled with pie in the sky.

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We have seen some of the greatest changes in the way we approach the kitchen in the last 100 years. Globalization has helped, hurt or both in shaping the stylization of cuisine these past years. The Ferran Adria school and the step by step guide of these processes by the Modernist Cuisine team leads us into more detail. I try chemicals, the very ones we produce in food chemistry to stabilize, texture or give more balance. Many are derivatives of nature and others are modified by chemistry.

Now imagine that we have explored all that we can. The future is going to be a re-interpretation of the past, which is a good thing and any language that is sustainable will be used to build upon.

The foods we enjoy are mostly the same, raw and cooked. I suppose the future will be contact with more engineered as we deplete our natural resources. The machine will eventually be like a gas station pump, you will pull up to a machine that will dispense the right energy, vitamins and flavors. I guess this machine will pump your tongue full of flavorful stuff.

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