Forest Kitchen

The forest is the ideal place for a kitchen….a place to live where we have oxygen, wind, sunshine, trees, plants, animals and many edible insects and animals. I wouldn’t call it a dream but one day, I will build a kitchen in a forestland where I can co-exist with nature without computer and internet. The way we lived in the past, and wood as the principle fire to cook with. Isn’t it true that we go back to the basics and as we grow old, we get to the baby stages again. I guess this applies to our planet earth as well.

The future (100 years) will be more focused on other planets in our universe or will we focus more on those vast spaces in countries such as Canada, Russia, Australia, etc, if they are still vacant.

Those spaces where we can get away from the populations, disease and destruction. A place where we can inhabit our own spaces and enjoy the pleasures of what will be left.

Once we have little of left of our plants resources, we will synthesize tastes and energy for humans in labs as a replacement. It almost seems that way with the modified and genetic foods we are being served all over the planet. Humans are gluttons for punishment and as long as it tastes good, feels good, we eat it.

The planet has too much to offer and so management of space, foods and environment continues to be a challenge.

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