Hell & Back


The wind howls as the snow blows from the roof tops. We are warm inside watching the trees’ branches rustle backwards and forwards. The temperature is minus double digits but we stay cozy by the fireplace.

The water’s steam is blown into drizzles of vapor as the sky shimmers with flashes of light. The building is old and it shakes when the earth moves. The sulphuric odors permeate the air and the hot source runs continually.

We are in the middle of a seismographic ground with volcanic mantle at earths crust compressed with hot gasses.

I look outside and it is snowing but the wind makes it whistle through the trees taking it in all directions. We are in Hell Valley and there is only water and wind and some middle of the road touristic hotels.

We find some solace in the water’s powers escaping from the cold wind behind our backs. This morning we awakened to the shaking of our roof top. The night was short and our dinner modest. The breakfast was “right on”, with Gohan, miso shiro and tsukemono, which always warms our soul.

We will leave soon for more adventure after one more try of onsen’s milky ways. The snow rains down.