Raw or Not


You need to make sure your beef is well cooked or at least know where it comes from. The idea of eating raw beef in chain restaurants is absurd. Even McDonald’s cooks its hamburgers beyond 60°C to prevent any kind of food contamination.

In 2011, the contract between the two firms called for Yamatoya Shoten to supply wagyu beef to the chain Yakiniku-Zakaya Ebisu. Yamatoya Shoten removed bones and fat from the meat, divided it into small portions, sterilized it with alcohol and sealed it in vacuum packs, according to sources. It was then shipped directly to Yakiniku-zakaya Ebisu outlets. The beef falsely supplied as high quality beef and the investigators believe the raw beef used in the raw dishes (yukke), was likely contaminated with O-111 and other strains of E. coli before being delivered to the restaurants. Four people died as a result of this contamination – use caution when eating raw.

The above photo is a filet cooked atop the stove in a heavy skillet and served medium rare; I used shoju, mirin and spices to color it. But when meat is extraordinary quality, it is not recommended to do more than salt it.


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