Green Curry

Day # 1; we arrived to Thailand’s Phuket to have the exceptional chance to learn cooking from one of Thailand’s best chefs. We are not in the typical setting, as we overlook the seaside and the early morning dew rises from sea.

So we learned a few tips on making green curry. You will see in the video, the chef sneezing and it isn’t because he has a cold. It is because the curry aromas, the spice triggers an automatic sneeze as the heat penetrates the curry paste.

After Pad Thai, green curry is one of Thailand’s most famous contributions to world cooking. The paste from which it derives both its color and its name forms the base of a wide variety of vegetable and meat dishes in the form of stir fries, dry curries and soups.


Green Chilly
Lemon Grass
Green pepper corn
Sweet Basil Leaf
Coconut Milk