Jindai Sugi Tokyo – video

There are words that describe expensive and then there are woods that are expensive. Jundai Sugi is very special wood that is Japan’s foremost and largest timber tree. It attains heights of 200 feet and diameters of 20 feet. It is often used in houses, bridges, etc. The Bark is used for roofing, and the leaves for incense.

This Jindai Sugi is rare and often impossible to find unless you “luck-out” and then find an excellent resource for Japanese woods. The reason being is, this wood lays hidden under the forest’s floor for hundreds and hundreds of years until it is discovered. The wood is fragile and delicate after decay and rot. The color varies from olive-green to slate grey and is prized by Japanese carpenters working on royal projects.

The movie shows a piece of wood that is older than Jesus Christ – it was buried for one-thousand years and is a very rare example of a “single post” that has been milled (without the use of a computer) and coated with a protection to avoid any worm damage or discoloration.