Cruncy Phuket – video

Stopping along a bustling road, we find ourselves on the side of a highway buying local pineapples. It isn’t uncommon, here in Thailand, to stop and pick up a bag full of fresh pineapple. But I can tell you, it is dangerous.

The popularity in Thailand for fruit isn’t a big surprise, as there are 27 pineapple species grown in Thailand. The abundance of tropical fruits fill your eyes with a myriad of colors. The Phuket Pineapple (shown in the video) is from the Queen family, and in Phuket, it is grown as a rubber intercrop. The pineapples grown in Thailand are divided into two groups; the ‘Queen’ or the ‘Pattawia’, which are the two families of pineapple.

The Phuket pineapple varieties do not seem very sweet but sweet is a relative term. The fruit here has a spiky skin and is semi sweet and very crunchy. The fruit almost seems dry at times, but if you are used to the export pineapples, found in supermarkets all over the world, you would find this fruit more like an unripe pineapple.

The newest comer is, the Poolae Pineapple, which is a cross-breed from Phuket and Nang Lae Pineapple. The size of this pineapple is much smaller, rounder and it has a crispy and sweeter taste.