Thai Food Facts – video

After several days of enjoying Thai cuisine, I discovered that Thai food is basically divided into two parts. Part one is food eaten with rice which forms the basis for the meal. The jasmine rice is dry and soft, aromatic slightly and you have as much as you like; this is the core food.

This style of cuisine includes a varying diversity of other Thai foods that are adding to the dish, including curries, salads, soups and vegetables sautéed. If you see the video from the market, named table Cafeteria, and you can see the table organized with the foods to be shared family style.

The second component of Thai cuisine is single plated dishes and it is a single portion. It can be shared but it is normally portion per person, and it can eaten by itself and rice is not necessary. The most typical dish are noodles (a single portion) and you’ll find them mostly in markets. This is very close and similar to Ramen, the origin being Chinese.

The categories of Thai food can further be divided into; street, market, restaurant and home cuisine. The culture here is very street and it is easy to grab a “fast food”, while you are on the go. Food vendors are everywhere and the Thai people are proud of their street foods. Many of the street foods would not be prepared at home. The fast food nation and style of cooking in Thailand is more based on “just do it” – rather than in the west where we tend to “fancy food”.

Did you ever wonder why the Thai people are so slim: perhaps the people here are so skinny because meals are compact and you eat rather quickly and plenty of snacks in between.