Egon Muller 2002-2003

2002 2003

These wines were served side by side and both were excellent. The Kabinett wines are a wine which is made from fully ripened grapes picked. The hierarchy of ripeness is not an arbitrary methodology. The ripeness categories are referred to as “quality levels,” which is a misnomer, as ripeness is always a clue to a wine’s body, but not necessarily a predictor of its quality.

In a country as far north as Germany, the ripeness of grapes varies tremendously and profoundly affects the types of wine that can be produced. The 2002 was more mineral and the other more fat and rich yet less complex. This was a good opportunity to try two very good vintages and I believe that the Kabinett is a great bargain.

(92+ Points 2002) and (92+ Points 2003)