2002 Burgundy Grand Cru

2002 Burgs

Again our Host graciously opened blind several whites including this trio.White Burgundies from a vintage that is considered very good or better. I recall (while living in Paris) that the 2002 were almost too young to approach. The sommelier at the George V’s Ducasse, Laurent used to claim 2002 as a “vintage sleeper”. I am not so sure that the structure of these wines suits my palate but I am always glad to have the chance to taste with friends.

The Ramonet held its own and the Fontane-Gagnard as well, but the Sauzet under performed. I find the 2002 vintage lacking the concentration of fruit, yet the acidity is powering these wines forward in years to come.

The Ramonet had bursts of ripe fruit and was ready for drinking, it held its won but I wouldn’t call it a winner.

(91 Points)

The Fontaine Gagnard had medium body, fruity palate yet a little restrained and toasty. The citrus in these wine leads me to believe that they are not going to get better.

(90+ Points)

The Sauzet was out of reach and it felt imbalanced.

(89+ Points)

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