So what is the secret to Paella anyway?

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The secret is the frying of the Nyora, a Spanish extremadura dried intense looking deep red hotish pepper. It looks deep red and it is used when starting the paella. But you need first to acquire a proper paella pan, better known as the “paella”. These pans come in all different sizes and clearly the larger the pan, you feed more people.

Fry Nyora in olive oil and then take it into a mortar and pestle and pound it by adding the salt and garlic. Then, fry the meat and add the rice and continue to fry until brown. Only when it is very brown, add the sofrito and the stock 1, one part paella ingredients and 3 parts broth. Simmer it until done and you are ready to enjoy it.


1 onion
2-cloves of garlic
1 capsicum
4/5 tomatoes