Cullen Wines Tasted

acullenwinesSpent the day with Vanya Cullen, the wine maker and visionary behind the winery and vineyard. She is amazing as a personality and as a wine maker. We adored her style and graciousness.

It started way back in 1971 when her Mom and Dad planted their first vines and since then the wines have only become better and better. The winery has a history and since Vanya took the helm and she has made some fundamental changes to the farming and viticulture. Her heart is in cosmic energy and bio-dynamic wine making and it shows.

We tried her 2002 cabernet Merlot Petite Verdot blend and it showed like a classical old styled Bordeaux. The wine has plenty of tannin and carries itself with an elegance and class.


The 1995 is said to be a hotter vintage and I didn’t detect the over ripeness, in fact neither the 2002 nor the 1995 were very overripe. The 1995 showed a different style and had less structured tannins but it held its own.

(91+ Points)

Pinot Noir 2010 is a funny wine and it was nice to taste it. We know that it was picked with a potential alcohol of 10ish, so the wine is sleek and has a nice personality. (90+Points)

Malbec 2011 was very robust and had a fruit and muscle that made it stand out in the crowd. The wine was pleasant and left a brain signal.

(93+ Points)

Bordeaux blend 2011 is characteristic of Cullen’s reds and has power, structure and juice that will carry it for a long time.

(93+ Points)

Chardonnay 2011 is very good and is one of the flagship whites of Cullen.


Chardonnay 2009 in magnum was rich and round with plenty of fruit and balance.

(95+ Points)

The Semillon dessert wine was delicious and left us with a nice sweetness that gave us a good impression (93+ Points)