Chocolate H


Chocolate is everywhere in Japan, every corner you’ll find some kind of chocolate. So why are Japanese so connected to sweets, and why are Japanese so fixated on “meticulousness”. The answer is pretty easy to guess at, but harder to access in an absolute sense.

Think of it this way, the Japanese had been isolated on an island, and surrounded by the sea and for all intensive purposes they still are. Influenced over many centuries by Chinese, Korean and European civilizations, they extracted the “very good” from each and succeeded in shaping them to fit into their system. Whereas in the west we are shaped, they shape.

They went on to perfect as best they could by using whatever knowledge was shared with them by their neighbors. This is the basis of their society today. When other neighbors were moving away from traditions, they developed them. They incorporated into their society the importance of nature and the connection of tradition with everyday lifestyle.

The focus over time did not change enough to eradicate the very importance of hand tools. The body is an extension of their thinking, eyes are used to perceive and judge, while your hands work in conjunction. A coordination between man, nature and place and time. The idea that nature is important and respect is about order. There is more to be said but this is a post about chocolate so enjoy Chocolate H.