Asakusa’s New Wave

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In the outskirts of Tokyo center, the old town of Asakusa brings back memories of my early days in the 1980’s. In Tokyo I would drink in tiny exclusive drinking establishments with Kabuki actors, watch live performers play and sing along or just sit and drink scotch and water.

Asakusa is still the center of Tokyo’s shitamachi, the “low city”, one of Tokyo’s districts, where an atmosphere of the Tokyo of past survives. The old-fashioned look, touch and feel. Secret doorways take you into well-groomed Japanese itamae restaurants unique in charm and setting.

I was taken by close Japanese friends to a new wave restaurant operated by a single chef, itamae. The dinner was mixed between various fish courses, some raw and some cooked, something I am not used to.

The chef served akami after a fast marination in shoyu, working swiftly serving his clients at a 9 seat counter. The chef 43, young-looking, quiet and the non speaking type chef. He doesn’t say much at all, and enjoys a quiet atmosphere. he does explain the food, and instruct his clients on how to eat his fish as he serves a dish, i.e. this is with no shoyu, lemon only, etc.


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