Donatsch Completer 2011


Today Domaine Donatsch has just over half a hectare of Completer vines. Completer vines historically existed on their property 5th generations, but were taken out in 1947 and then replanted in 1993 and 1997. Production in recent vintages has varied between 1200-1800 bottles. The goal today is to increase production to 5-6,000 bottles per year through production from young vines and increased plantings.

Completer is a wine grape that is an indigenous to Eastern Switzerland. These vines in the area of Malans in the Rhine Valley of Switzerland were known as far back as 765. Completer is first thought to have appeared in 1321 where the name is found in a document from the Cathedral Chapter of the Cathedral of Chur. The last evening prayer in the Catholic Church is called Completarium. After this prayer the early monks in this area drank a white wine, high in sugar and acidity, oxidized in barrels and similar to sherry. This wine became known as Completer. Today Completer is known by several names including “Malanserrebe” which translated means “the variety of Malans”, and is totally different.

The 2011 is an excellent white wine, shows no signs of age, nice mineral, fruit and crispness that makes it stand out in the crowd.

(94+ Points)