Monfortino Conterno 2004

Monfortino 2004
Last night, restaurant ‘Adelboden’ perched on the end of a winding road above Schwyz. A 45 minute drive through the rain and fog to try this two star Michelin under a “Schwyzer Chef”, Franz Wiget, a local who has worked here for 22 years with his wife.

The Monfortino is a wine always reminds me of our good friend, Mr. Filippo Giaccone, who operates a small restaurant in a village named Albaretto della Torre. The son of Cesare, Filippo owns and operates his own Oste Filippo, he adores this wine and introduced us to the pleasures of Piedmont:

The 2004 Barolo Riserva Monfortino is exactly exquisite. The 2004 is a layered fruit, not unbearable or unctuous styled but pure finesse. Monfortino captures the sheer elegance and finesse of this great vintage. Silky, a symphony of musical genius.

(98 Points)