1999 Hommage J.Perrin

1999 Hommage

In the beginning it seemed a little “corky” but finally it blew off and the Hommage a Jacques Perrin opened up and smelled and tasted wonderful. This wine seemed “wow” in the mouth but it was vaguely imbalanced by some oxidation which you expect and a good hint of good Brett. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brettanomyces. Not easy to detect by covered by flavors of a rich, leather chocolate spice filled, and rich intense fruit that hides the age of the wine. The barnyard swish didn’t interfere at all with the pleasure and remarkably the wine was deep, and the velvety-rich-fruit was more dark. The prune in the background was sometimes dominant but not unpleasant in any way, it was part of the “wow” on the finish. The tannins were soft, well-integrated and it was a that gave us plenty of pleasure. It couldn’t be better matched with pigeon prepared by the team of Head Chef Nenad Mlinarevic at the Park Hotel in Vitznau.

(95+ Points)