White Smoke – Tokyo

The fantasy of a smoked meat sandwich at Katz deli brings back memories of having a heart attack, which I never had. But, I say but, if you could, Katz fatty meats would make anyone’s heart beat fast. So why do we eat fat, enjoy it, crave it and at the same time it kills us. Wagyu cattle’s genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids  improves the ratio of mono saturated fats to saturated fats.

Tokyo’s White Smoke is championed by Craig White, a native American who has the technical skills to set up a world-class smoker in the heart of Tokyo. He is passionate about what he does, we sit down to have a quick chat about it. I listen carefully as he explains his methodology and what he thinks is the best optimization in smoking. Craig believes that there are two ways to smoke; either to dry or to cook. I listen to him explain his theories which make sense. When in doubt speak with experts, those with practical experience and know-how.