Ornellaia 2009


Wait a minute, and think this through, while you decide to drink a wine or not, what is the pivotal point in making a decision, aside from price.

This 2009 is a ka-boom styled wine, a gun shot wine, filled with solid power. I thought it was bordering undrinkable but not in a bad way. The wine maker I was with, a new world wine maker really liked it and it made me wonder about my “wine thinking”.

I sat back and said to myself, “now I get it” and it isn’t just whether or not you like a style of wine, but of course it is. If you don’t like it then why would you drink it? You likely wouldn’t. But the answer is; when you can step back and look at any wine, forgte about your likes and dislikes, (this is too easy) and study the wine’s structure; this wine had very concentrated fruit. The tannins, they were powered tannins, and backbone, a backbone, firm and long length, yet it wasn’t what I would have liked to drink necessarily, and why?…I guess it all rolls down the hill the same way at the end of the day.

(96+ Points)