Top Round-Gyu


Yes this is “Top Round” cut which is from the hind of the cow’s topside, naturally boneless, with large amounts of connective tissue and is usually prepared by braising. In this case, the connective tissue is over marbled with fat concentration from Matsuzaka Gyu.

The round includes the top round, bottom round, heel round, eye round, and rump roast. A “roast” does not necessarily mean that the meat will be roasted. At the risk of belaboring the point for clarification, roasts such as pot roasts from tough cuts, require some level of braising. Although all round cuts are tough, the top round is the tenderest, relatively speaking and London broil comes from the top round.

All of the others however, do best made into roasts with moist heat methods such as what we did. Oh, the one exception is your deli roast beef and because it is sliced thinly, producers can get away with using brine methods and smoking it as Pastrami or Corn beef. 

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