Kebab Hospital – Gocek

Kebab H

There is no visiting Gocek without a visit to the Kebab Hospital. I know you are asking yourself the same question, why is it named the Kebab Hospital. The answer is simple explains the owner, a slim build Turkish man in his early 50’s. He laughs and says, “after you eat you need to go to the hospital”, smiling he starts again, “here is Kebab house, Kebab place and I want people to remember me, so I called it Kebab Hospital”.

The cuisine is simple, a counter of lamb kebab, the secret is minced meat either with garlic, hot spice or plain. We selected plain which is excellent accompanied by a selection of salads, such as smoked aubergine, etc. The service is awesome, the food as well and you will not be disappointed by the Turkish bread hat is made in the wood burning oven or by the charcoal’d meats made in a BBQ styled hibachi.