Sous Vides – Cucumber Pickles

Adonia here is a simple recipe to use with the new machine – so try to make pickles sous vides. You need the small cucumbers and we will use the 100% scaling technique; and in the recipe we take 300g of mini-cucumbers, white wine vinegar 117%=350g, water 50%=150g, sugar 27%=80g, salt 2.7%=8g, black pepper corns, 0.3%=1g, caraway seeds 0.3%=1g, and fresh garlic, 0.6=2g, (remove the interior seed) and fresh dill 2.7%=8g. Remember make the brine and bring to a boil, remove the brine from the heat and cool and refrigerate. Add the dill and cucumbers to the chilled brine and vacuum and keep for 2/3 days.