Size matters but taste counts! This is a locally caught orange gourd on the island of Mykonos.


The World’s Largest Fruit, on October 5, 1996 at the official World Pumpkin Confederation weigh-in at Clarence, New York, the pumpkin a record-breaking pumpkin beat its 408kg squash rival of 1994, but it also broke the 400kg barrier where no pumpkin or squash had ever gone before. For their remarkable 481kg mammoth pumpkin, the lucky growers received a grand prize of $50,000.

According to the growers, Paula and Nathan Zehr, they used 560 liters of water a day and a custom fertilizer mix containing 60 ingredients. During its 3/4 month growing period, their amazing pumpkin gained over 10 pounds per day. In another pumpkin contest held at Canfield, Ohio in October 2000, a pumpkin weighed in at 517kg. In October 2002, a pumpkin was reported from Manchester, New Hampshire with an astonishing weight of 606kg.