Borsa Istanbul – Restaurant

The restaurant Borsa we visited was located in a high-end shopping plaza that resembles a Miami’s Bal Harbour. There we found ourselves the first clients of the day, fresh table cloths, waiters in bow ties, it seemed just right. The seating was ample and they offered us a terrace seat and provided a blanket when the sun dropped. The wine list found itself to the table as quickly as I could get them to pour water, voila I found the Tempus 2011.


The cuisine is Ottoman styled cuisine, our favorite style of Turkish food. The foods in Turkey are often more oily than we like but today the Dolma were not at all saturated in oil. The waiter placed on the table a cheese spread made of goat cheese that was a nice addition. (Pictured below)

cheese spread

We tried the mixed meats (lamb, chicken, etc) and while they were very good, I found it a little too fatty. This is not to say that the restaurant’s quality isn’t very good because it is. The Shepard’s salad is always a good addition to any meal, here they made it super well, hand cut of course, the salad’s cucumbers and tomatoes were nicely chopped and larger than the usual.

By the way the internet photos make it look as if the restaurant is high-end, which it is, however the cuisine is not as continental as it looks. Worthwhile if you like ultra clean, slightly formal, good and honest cuisine.

There are three branches so if you prefer the more casual try the Istiyne location and be sure to go early for lunch.