Pacojet II

I was asked recently about the Pacojet, how and why would anyone buy it. I guess the question is valid because it is expensive and apparently breaks down more often than not. I have owned a Pacojet for Twenty years and it has never really broken down, although I don’t use it enough to break it.


I own my Pacojet for 15 years, I use the Pacojet mostly for ice-cream, semi-freddo and from time to time to make powders. I think it is a very handy machine and especially when spooning ice-cream, it works perfectly at 2000 rpm.

Typically I prepare a ice-cream base and add Valhrona chocolate, espresso coffee, stabilizer and the end result is immaculate. You can also make sorbets and even sauces but from my point of view use the Pacojet as a tool in place of an ice cream machine.

The Pacojet has launched a new Pacojet II, upgraded with various blade types to make fine textures: farces, purées, mousses, e.g. terrines, pâtés, and tartare but I am not convinced.

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