Pasta Anyone?

I taste pasta as much as most Italians do, I try it as much as possible when in Italy, or outside. The dish pasta, it must be simple, not over complicated and cooked to perfection. If you look at the photo, you can see a simple pasta, it is what it looks like, simply perfect.

Pasta is a Mediterranean food after-all, it cannot be convoluted, many of us have no idea what it should taste like. Most references are all about the sauce and the emphasis is on the sauce. In most places, garlic dominates pasta, or the tomato sauce smothers the pasta.

I too feel like a victim to pasta, in my kitchen I over sauce my pastas to give a stronger impression. This is a mistake that is commonly performed. The sauce dominates the dish, when in fact it should be more about the pasta itself. Any dish is like a symphony, composed of parts, each gives a sensibility, a harmony, no one part should dominate a good performance.

It wasn’t until I tasted the pasta of Don Alfonso that I realized this. I can’t get out of my mind the taste of the pasta, the cherry tomatoes from their organic garden are superb. The olive oil does not dominate the dish, it is a simple pure perfection!


Don Alfonso
Corso S. Agata, 11
S. Agata Sui due Golfi – 80064