Brioche – Don Alfonso Way [!!!]

This morning I awakened in a rush to get us to the boat to Capri. Looking outside, the day was foggy and cloudy, so I took my time but by 10h00, the sun shone through and the day warmed up to 23 °C. Sitting in the elegant library of Don Alfonso, the wife of Alfonso, Livia greeted us with her warm smile. Her usual smile, she is the ultimate host, she warms the spirit of the establishment with her sincerity and passion.


The last thing I dreamed of was breakfast, I have been over eating already. When Livia insisted to have some baked goods, I couldn’t resist. At the same time Livia said, “try our brioche”, I hesitated given brioche are just too heavy. Before I could shrug off the chance, she explained that they are made with yoghurt and extra virgin olive oil, and not packed with butter. They were exquisite, light and delicious, a morning treat, the Don Alfonso way.