Francescana *** Modena

Francescana a true three star Michelin, and it is the right time to visit there. Beppe the maitre d’hotel and sommelier, the person in charge, he is energetic, knows what he is doing and has worked with Massimo Bottura (chef/owner) for many years. Every restaurant needs a Beppe, he understands what needs to get done.


The kitchen has been renovated and is well equipped to prepare the intricate foods they prepare. Some dishes are naturally better than others, some seem a little passé, but the work of Massimo Bottura is not passé at all.

He works to construct his dishes, he selects the raw materials with his chef Yoji, his right arm in the kitchen. Today we tried a small menu, we let the restaurant decide for us with a little guidance. The cuisine was impeccable, a true three star experience. The suckling pig was awesome, the pasta cooked to perfection and intensely flavorful and the sardine and scampi, a dish I’ll never forget.