Mortadella Okay – video

To find the origin of the Mortadella we need to go back to the Roman era when Romans smashed meats in the mortar and then cooked and seasoned it with herbs. “Mortadella okay”, I ask myself after seeing Mortadella being carved, it is a staple in almost every deli, from China to Russia, from Bombay to Istanbul. Mortadella is a staple, it moved from Rome and become famous when Cardinal Farnese published a proclamation in Bologna codifying the production. Obviously there are multiple varieties and qualities but it was born in Bologna.

I watched it being cut on the street in a Sunday market, it looks tempting to some, while other detest it.

The other night we were offered a Mortadella in a Michelin restaurant as an amuse-bouche, a wonderful way to start dinner my friend replied. He is a meat junky, his wife is a bread junky, and I am both.