Sheep Cheese Anyone ][?][

Integrity is harder and harder to find these days, so few are interested in paying the price, or taking the time to get the very best.

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If you are lucky enough to meet Silvio Pistone, you will you devour his fresh sheep cheese. Silvo believes like most intelligent producers that quality comes from happy herds, his sheep look and act happy.

He is a young man, medium height and passionate as you’ll find. He works “fatto mano”, with his hands to produce the finest organic sheep cheese. Silvio is what we call an atriginale producer, producing traditional cheese from his flock of 30/50. Yielding 1-2 liters of raw milk per day, hand milked it takes one minute. During the season, which lasts 6 months, he produces marvelous unpasteurized cheese.


This time of the year, the sheep are inside his barn, above his house, he remains very connected. For now the sheep look comfortable in the warmth of the winter fog, and in the spring they are back to the green pastures and sunshine. The season is over two weeks ago, but luckily he offered us to taste a sliver of cheese he preserves in a jar. It was incredible, not gamey, pure and full of flavor, we wanted more.

You can tell a cheese is good when the kids ask for more. If you return in the spring you can taste his cheese, drink a glass of local wine and feast on Silvio’s homemade bread, a treasure, he mills his own grains and bakes bread in his century old oven. I will post his oven later on, it is amazing, he is amazing as a hobby baker.

Cascina Pistone
Via Alba Borgomale
Borgomale (CN)