Carne Crudo @ Fassone

There is nothing as good as the beef you eat in Langhe, it is sweet and smooth, and no other meat is just like it. The idea to take beef and white truffles, salt and celery is the perfect combination. The enjoyment you get, the purity of taste is unlike any other experience. “Fassone” the signature veal of the Langhe, it is free range cow and very much a part of the local culture.

It is lean and neutral in taste, low in LDL cholesterol and has the same fat content as chicken. I use a slight amount of virgin olive oil, not atop the but on the side. It is usually served with salt and some restaurants salt and spice before it is served, which is something I don’t like. When you order it be sure to be specific about your preferences and don’t forget the white truffles. This was served at Oste Filippo in Albaretto della Torre and it was magical (!)