Cesare @ Cesare Part #2

In Cesare’s kitchen you won’t easily find raw materials that are not from the Langhe. Every day he visits or receives friends who grow vegetables and fruit for him, who breed goats and guinea-fowl, who pick up wild mushrooms in the woods of Somano and the Belbo Valley, or find white truffles.


The slow cooked goose, served with chestnut, radicchio, persimmon and red fruits of pomegranate it is simply delightful. He uses the finest raw materials he can find, and each dish is constructed around his passion and knowledge of the forests and fields. The goose salad is a signature dish, I shave truffles over the salad until your heart’s content.

IMG_8402Duck & truffles Cesare

When I come to enjoy Cesare, I know that my truffles are local, they are not from anywhere else except from the Langhe. Sitting on the table is a 180g truffle, white Pico Magnatum, it has a perfume that fills the entire room. White truffles simply put are incredible in every way, the truffle is removed and taken to the kitchen where his staff weigh it to be sure. This year white truffles are ample, prices are reasonable in comparison to last year where you paid as much as €5.5+ per kilo.

IMG_8388Cesare Truffle 1