Cesare @ Cesare Part #4

The cuisine at Cesare always makes you feel good, and full, it is inventive, to the point and timeless. His dishes remain much the same which makes good sense, as seasonal materials are the same each year. Unlike many Michelin chefs this restaurant’s focus is not on complicated dishes. Cesare’s emphasis is to capture the spirit of the Langhe, the idea of Mesubim. His kitchen represents the people, their land, their fields, their emotions, it is a place where the “outside and the inside intersect and connect at the table”.

His roasted onion with cheese is splendid, we talk about it when we leave Piemonte and dream to enjoy on our next trip.


The next dish is the raw egg smothered in Polenta and over top chestnut puree and a dash of white truffles, a dish that warms up from the inside out.

Polenta CesareIMG_5913

Ceasre’s signature the capretto, kid goat, we always joke about it being a dish for Easter but it is excellent and goes very well with the local red wines. The goat is seasoned and cooked on a spit in his fireplace, slowly and surely it is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.


The wines served were selected by Filippo who knows his wines. He suggested we enjoy a magnum of Bruno Giacosa 1996 which is tight, rich and elegant, a monster, (94+ Points), and 2000 Barolo Cascina Francia by Roberto Conterno, it is savory and rich, it has plenty of life and it sweet. (94+ Points). The contrast between Barolo and Barbaresco is so interesting when you taste them side by side.