Ciau Del Tornavento * – Alba Restaurant

This afternoon we had a window of opportunity to go to Michelin Star restaurant Ciau del Tornavento, a difficult name to pronounce. It is a short drive from where we were staying so it made good sense to go, and off we were. Approaching the hilltop and parking our car, it is located in an old school in a tiny village called Treiso. On my restaurant list for a while, recommended by various chefs, we had a good chance to try the cuisine.


The setting is formal and informal, the typical mixture of the Langhe. The view (except with fog) is spectacular as it over looks the valley. The cuisine seemed rushed at lunch with the dinning room filled with small and medium-sized groups – not many tables of two or three.

We were hosted by a local, Mr. Filippo Giaccone the owner of Oste Filippo in Albaretto. The owner/chef of Ciau del Tornavento is Mr. Maurilio Garola, who personally made us feel comfortable knowing Filippo for a longtime. The sommelier is a young Japanese man and he is swift and knowledgeable. The wine cellar is immense and there are umpteen choices to choose from. We decided to re-visit the wines from Collio, the whites and a red which are excellent.

The cuisine is nice and easily one star, the service is professional and the staff attentive and helpful. I would go back but again as we were rushed and only tried two dishes. I tried crane crudo, the classical Piemontese dish with white truffles, and a homemade pasta with red sepia topped with white truffles. Both dishes were good and both truffles had their unique color and taste.