Sushi @ Haut Brion Blanc – Tokyo [@$!%] – video

There is sushi and there is sushi I can do without. I was taken to this restaurant to drink wine, which we did but the sushi was ma-ma (so and so) but what surprised me was the photo album of all the famous people who go there.

This ‘middle of the road sushi’, is a place where fusion meets fish, an odd combination. The chef serves “goma” (sesame) with white fish, and pesto with squid and shrimp, these combinations are bizarre to say the least. I hope I can forget this experience but remember the chef’s nice and gentle way.


I carried a magnum of 2005 Haut Brion Blanc, it was fresh, crisp and not over oaky. It had a good, lean nose with a balanced fruit and lingered on. I admit that I don’t like sushi and wine and when people suggest it, they are mixing apples and oranges, not wise at all.

(95 Points)