Caduff Book Launch (!) – Zurich

There is no chef I know who is as sweet a person as Chef Beat Caduff. I first met him twenty years ago and since we remained friends seeing each other on and off, whenever time permits. He has a busy schedule, Beat is a mountain man from Arosa, he hunts, he cooks and he fights. All at the same time, he manages his restaurant’s kitchen in Zürich, a television show, and a huge wine cellar with the finest selection of German wines, French wines and wines from all over the globe, hence his books, name.

I visited Beat and his wife Natty, a wonderful women, we laugh about the old times, she reminds of some funny stories. I am there for the launch of his new cook book named appropriately, “Guy, Kitchen Cellar” a repertoire of many recipes he has developed over the last 25 years. Beat is passionate and compassionate, he works closely with his wife, and behind everyman is a successful women, and in this case it is so true. His cuisine is based on those raw materials he adores from his childhood, and his passion for the mountains and life up high. Beat continues to work with the same Swiss suppliers for years and years, he still hand selects whatever he needs to get it right.

I love the atmosphere of Caduff’s it is laid back, honest and no bullshit at all. The Burli Brot accompanies the excellent cheese selection, kept in a dedicated glass cheese case, a cheese plate gives your stomach a happy ending to a perfect meal.

A nice pit-stop @ his kitchen he generously prepared some eggs “sunny side up” so I could sit and eat some of the remaining truffles I carried from Alba. We sipped a few glasses of wines he opened from large formats for his event, it was a nice evening, and a big thank you to him and his wife for all the years of friendship “”!””.