Vitznau @ Focus – CH

The last opportunity to enjoy Vitznau Park Hotel was a dinner that was superb, matched with two wines, opposite in color and nature. The first was a white from Pichler, his famed Unendlich 2011; it was intense rich golden fruit, honey suckle and exotic fruits and cotton candy, pineapple and passion – a fruit cocktail with excellent backbone and crisp acidity. (95+ Points)

The next was a red made by Bruno Giacosa, his 2001 Falletto, a wine that had a killer nose, it was elegant, sweet and smooth to perfection. The cherry-berry, soft and firm tannins carried the wine. It hung on and on. (97 Points)


The cuisine was matched perfectly and my white truffle was shaved over top, it has the signature redness that fills your eyes with desire to eat more and more. A magical evening, we were the only guests in the restaurant, it is not the season to visit the lake but all the more power to the Park Hotel’s kitchen to maintain such high standards. Thank you to Niles, a good man who is passionate about wine and service, and his wife who managed the kitchen and our diet.