22 Reasons @ *** Michelin

So what makes a three-star Michelin restaurant? I always tell people, you’ll know what a three-star once you experience it. It is something that sticks in your mind, it never goes away, or lets you forget, the cuisine, atmosphere, and service.

We travel the globe in search of new experiences and often find ourselves in a Michelin restaurant. Thinking about a three-star experience reminds me of Alain Ducasse, or Francescana in Modena, both definite three-star restaurants.

20 Reasons to experience *** Star:

  1. The experience must be flawless.
  2. The first impression is ever-lasting.
  3. Dining room atmosphere fitting the experience; not too loud, nor imposing, the right stage for the food and experience.
  4. No imposing music.
  5. No perfume on waiters.
  6. No odored flowers in the dining room or tables.
  7. Experienced sommelier.
  8. The wine list selection includes a thorough selection.
  9. The place setting must be perfect.
  10. A clear menu is representational of the chef’s philosophy.
  11. Attentive service, the plates should not linger at the table after being finished.
  12. The cuisine, no principal mistakes, plates impeccable, the service at the table should be executed with precision.
  13. The placing of knives and forks, in the place where they belong, and perfectly placed each course.
  14. Beverages poured when required without asking.
  15. Waiters properly groomed.
  16. Wines are shown to the client, decanted or poured according to the client’s wishes.
  17. Bread quality perfect, a good selection offered.
  18. No noise from the servers.
  19. Politeness at all times.
  20. Dessert quality
  21. No mobile phones.
  22. No attitude or confusion to satisfy the client’s needs.

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