Vacuum “Z” @ Home

I was asked more details how to cook the steak with Liquid Nitrogen.

Before you freeze the steak, you vacuum it; you should have a vacuum that works well, I recommend as vacuum chamber and this type is what I have been using for years. The brand is Multivac:

This is the C70 is Multivac’s smallest vacuum chamber machine. This compact stainless steel table-top machine is excellent and does the job, almost all meats and other products fit into the chamber for vacuuming.

Once you vacuum the steak, you place it into a water bath at 57 °C and cook it for 45 minutes. Then you take the steak out, rest it, pat it dry, and take a shallow pan and pour LN2 into the pan. Now place the steak into the LN2 and leave it to freeze, turn it over and freeze the other side.

Immediately thereafter, place the steak into a oil fryer and fry it to get a golden color on the meat’s surface. I hope this helps clarify matters.

Below is the water bath, I use a 15 liter hard plastic container and the circulating pump is Poly Scientific, which can be purchased almost everywhere and the steak brown golden colored.