F.U. Cork! @ Ponsot V.V.

Who puts a cork in a wine like that, what is it, where does it come from, and why use it?

The 2009 Domaine Ponsot V.V, uses this crazy cork in his white wine Monts Luisants. It broke my Screw pull, and I cut my finger trying to take it out. In the picture you can see the cork, I ripped out the center of the cork with a conventional cork screw. The cork wouldn’t budge, not a millimeter. I finally had to use a tourne bouchon to twist it out. Then I had to re-grab it with my cork screw and literally “yank it out”.

A synthetic plastic cork, Ponsot, who admits: “I am in love with nature,” has opted for a highly technical, synthetic seal. And this is not in an experimental capacity – everything he produces from the 2008 vintage is stoppered with a synthetic cork called AS-Elite by Ardea Seal.


This cork is terrible news and don’t dare try to use your Coravin, get a chisel and hammer.