“Michelin no Michelin”

Just before our guests arrive, I swear to myself, I’ll never cook again and here I am cooking for another Michelin chef. I am “flipping mad”, it took the entire day, I shopped at 11h00 and finished [8] hours later without a single break.So what did I cook….ha-ha I am not telling.

I am not sure why it takes so long, or why I just don’t make a pasta dish. My wife always reminds me to do my “one dish” dinners, I agree and then I go shopping. I am mesmerized by the products, I pick up fresh deer meat from Nagano, and some specially breed calf meat and so on.

I wander in the Isetan’s basement, not feeling rushed at all. The new olive oil is being tasted, I try it, the fruit’s section is splendid, the vegetables are the usual, the clock begins ticking. I say to myself when I am paying, “I am crazy, it is more expensive to shop than it is to go out” – I pay the bill and walk over to buy a box of chocolates, “wholly frigg’in-what-cha-magic-vatenka”, the set of six chocolates by Sadaharu Aoki are $26, I figured why not, the world is mad, but so am I: http://www.sadaharuaoki.jp/top.html

Anyway, I go to the wine shop, (luckily it is average), I couldn’t find a bottle to drink, I bought a bottle to cook with for tonight.

Oh well….another day at the kitchen makes me respect a chef’s world more and more. It is always easy to criticize – then to do it yourself.