No Rice = No Life !

When it comes to rice, it is a complex subject, a subject of great detail and science. I am no expert on rice, I enjoy it, I eat it daily and search producers in search of what I consider to be the best tasting rice.

Clearly rice remains our #1 food staple on planet earth – each day more it is eaten more by countries where people are starving, and in countries where its a simple luxury. Can you imagine Japan without rice, and the impact and influence it has had on Japanese culture. The answer points towards the historical importance of rice, and when you travel in Asia you see exactly why. Each family grows their own rice, harvests it, and depends on the harvest to survive – no rice = no life!

In Japan, white rice a symbol of life and white represents purity, status and excellence in Japanese culture – rice is a symbol of life! Also Japanese white rice (when cooked) gets a texture that no other rice can obtain. But never underestimate the importance of how you cook it – because the cooking impacts the outcome and the richness of the rice.


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