Veronese Red Chicory

IMG_1952This is chicory Veronese is one of my favourite vegetables, it can be used in so many ways. The one thing about chicory that bugs me is, when cooking it, it turns brown and wilts. This time I decided to use it in a particular way.

I cut it in half, slightly oiled the pan, seared it before adding a single clove and Guigal’s cote du rhone 2010. I cooked it by reducing it in a skillet for 10 minutes, adding liquid as needed. In the end, I reduced the liquid until the alcohol dissipated and the outer parts were coloured red. The end result, a perfectly cooked red chicory, full of taste, and “al “al dente”.

I add some spices prior to serving, a pinch of salt and some citrus. Make sure to trim off the bottom stem and cut it lengthwise so its easy to eat.